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billie eilish hoodies

Luckily, no longer just an uniform of skateboarding inspired 13-year old boys, hooded sweatshirts are definitely reaching its dominance in vintage and streetwear inspired 2019 fashion.

billie eilish in a hoodie

Billie Eilish live at Coachela 2019. Image Source:

Not complaining—but these streetwear inspired womens hoodies are back in stock in multiple colors and sizes. Whats in common for all? Well, they all feature a more oversized silhouette and single colour– you know, to match all that dad OG multi colour trainers you’ve been wearing all summer. Plus, hoodies makes everyone look like they’re not trying too hard if paired with joggers and sneakers a la Hailey Bieber style or you want to go all oversized and unisex just like Billie Eilish.

Don’t take our word for it though – take a look at our new arrivals direclty sold by vintage and streetwear inpsired indipendend brands on marketplace.