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What Is The Status Of My Order?


You can see the status of your order on the Orders page on Forstepstyle.com. Next to your order ID, you’ll see the shipping status:

Unshipped: The seller hasn’t shipped the order yet or didn’t update the order on Forstep Style.

Shipped: The seller marked the order as shipped.

If your order says Shipped, but there are no further updates, either:

  • Your order doesn’t include tracking information
  • The shipping carrier hasn’t logged the package’s movement yet
  • The seller hasn’t given the package to the shipping carrier yet

If your order is Not Shipped yet or you have questions about tracking your package, you can contact the seller to check in on the order status.

To find your order:

  1. Sign in to forstepstyle.com
  2. Go to ‘My Orders’.
  3. Find your order on the Orders page.

If your order is marked as Shipped, you can track your order if you have a tracking number. Learn more about tracking your order.